Selected solo exhibitions and projects

Physical Bar Charts TEDGlobal, Edinburgh (2011)
Scalar interferences, Scalography conference, Oxford (2009)
  1. Physical Bar Charts at the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference, Copenhagen (2008)
  2. Rat Fair, Camden Arts Centre, London (2005)
  3. Audit, published by Book Works (2002)
  4. The LIX Index, commissioned by Arts Council England and Channel 4 and Film and Video Umbrella within the Identinet project (2002-3)
  5. Launch at Chatham Dockyard (1999)
Selected group exhibitions
Art related publications
  1. Declining Democracy, published by CCC Strozzina, Florence (2011)
  2. Network Art: Practices and Positions', ed Tom Corby, Routledge, 2006 (chapter)
  3. 'Making Things Public', ed Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel, MIT Press 2005 (chapter)
  4. 'New Media Art: Practice and Context in the UK 1994-2004' published by Arts Council England and Cornerhouse Publications, 2004 (editor)
  5. 'Audit' published by BookWorks, 2002 (author)
  6. 'Ways of Working: placing artists in business contexts', CD-Rom, published by Arts Council of England, 2001 (producer/editor)
  7. Launch, Chatham Historic Dockyard, 1999 (author)
Selected arts seminars and conferences

  • Future Designing, Modern Art Oxford (2017)
  • The Animal Gaze Returned, London, 2011 (speaker)
  • TEDGlobal, Edinburgh, 2011
  • Rules of Engagement, York, 2005 (speaker/performer)
  • Joseph Beuys lecture, Oxford, 2004 (speaker)
  • Incubation, Nottingham, 2004 (speaker)
  • British New Media Art, Tate Britain, 2004 (panel chair)
  • Royal College of Art, Mobile seminar, 2003, (speaker)
  • LabCulture Symposium, PVA MediaLab, Dorset, 2003, (speaker)
  • Interrupt Symposia on "socially-engaged practice", 2003, (participant)
  • Icon Gallery, Birmingham, 2003, (speaker)
  • Innovation Series, CGEY Innovate UK, London, 2002/3, (designer/participant)
  • Performance Measurement 2002, Boston, MA, USA, 2002 (speaker/performer)
  • Interaction Design Ivrea, Italy, 2002 (speaker)
  • Burning Bush 2, Dundee, Scotland, 2002 (performer)
  • Intimate Technologies, Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, 2001 (speaker)
  • Manager in Residence lecture series, Slade School of Art, London, 2002 (speaker)
  • Evolution, Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, 2001 (speaker)
  • Ways of Working, Arts Council of England, London, 2001 (producer and speaker) 
  • Cellular Flanerie, London, 2001 (producer)
  • The Future of the User Experience, CGEY Center for Business Innovation, London, 2001 (participant)
  • P2P, Royal College of Art, London, 2001 (speaker)

Group and individual exhibitions and projects

Free Evaluation Service in a public room at Bell Atlantic’s offices in Atlanta, Georgia, 2005