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In a world increasingly determined to measure things, artist Lucy Kimbell has decided to measure her own performance by creating a weekly index, the LIX. It goes up if she is busy on her own creative projects or spends time with close friends, and it goes down if she has a bad dream or her credit card bill is too high. The LIX is therefore a contemporary portrait for the real-time economy. More about the LIX

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After a year of weekly updates, the LIX Index was terminated in March 2003. Launched on Channel 4 television a year previously, it faithfully tracked the performance of an individual through aggregating a set of weekly data, from the personal to the financial. Like any other performance indicator the LIX has had its ups and downs. This website will be kept live as an archive.

April 2002 - March 2003  
Final LIX value 37,669
Launch value (22 April, 2002) 4,887
Change +770%
High 37,669.27
Low -318,754.20

LIX Index chart  

LIX Index
FTSE 100 Index
avg temp in London


LIX wobbles during last weeks

The LIX fluctuated wildly during the course of its year of existence. Some of the contributing factors such as "Impact of world events" have had a much stronger impact than was envisaged when the index was calibrated in March 2002. Reflecting on the experience of tediously updating it every week for a year leads its creator to sympathisize with all those who have to fill in forms regularly as part of their work. The list of factors should probably have included one called "Impact of LIX on real life" - reflecting both the effort involved in updating it but also the curious, and sometimes confusing, results it generated.

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