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LIX Data

The LIX Index model contains two main components - factors (which are the bits of data that are measured weekly) and assets (which contain several factors, scaled and weighted appropriately). Individual factors may appear within several different assets. For example, the "New connections (meetings, email, phone)" factor informs five assets: Innovation; Connectedness; How much fun Iím having; Confidence and Hope.The first iteration of the idea (as an art commission for Film and Video Umbrella, 2000) involved a rather less sophisticated model than the current one. You can find out about this early version here www.lucykimbell.com/LIX.pdf.




Factors (things That Vary weekly)

  Inbound emails/calls of value  
  Inbound SMS of value  
  Meetings with a good feeling  
  New connections (meetings, email, phone)  
  Outbound SMS  
Cultural consumption
  Art shows visited  
  Books read  
  Music listened to (Hours listened to)
  Newspapers/magazines devoured  
  Radio listened to (Hours listened to)
  Seminars/talks attended  
  Theatre/films/performance/music events attended  
  Time online (Hours)
  TV gazed at (Hours watched)
  Bad dreams  
  Compliments received  
  Interactions involving touching/being touched  
  Occurrence of laughter (Minutes)
  Occurrence of tears  
  Orgasms on own  
  Orgasms with someone else  
  Swearwords used  
  Truths received  
  Crimes affecting me directly  
  Impact of world events on me  
  London sunlight (Hours)
  London temperature (Degrees Celsius)
  Occasions I feared violence  
  Positive environmental acts performed  
  Tube or train delays affecting me  
  Willful negative environmental acts performed  
How time is spent
  Flanerie time (Hours)
  No. of projects on the go at once  
  No. of times I cooked a rather nice meal  
  Observing (Hours)
  Planning (Hours)
  Sleeping (Hours)
  Time spent making things (Hours)
  Time spent reflecting (Hours)
  Amount owing on credit card (£)
  Mortgage under control (Percentage by which interest exceeds 30% of income)
  Paid art days (% of total paid days)
  Paid days worked  
  Weekly billing (£)
  Alcohol consumed over personal advisory limit (Units over 10)
  Cycling for over 25 minutes (Occasions)
  Days ill or weary  
  Occasions I overate  
  Swimming sessions  
  Tai chi classes attended  
  When I ate crap (Discrete occurrences)
  No. of email subscribers for LIX reports  
  No. of media mentions for Lucy Kimbell  
  No. of page views on LIX web home page  
  No. of positive inputs from LIX web poll  
  Acts of kindness performed  
  Acts of unkindness performed  
  Cocktails consumed  
  Engagements with people out of London  
  No. of meals shared with others  
  Non work emails/SMS/calls (Percentage of total)
  Non work encounters  
  Ratio of one-to-one to group activity (Absolute percentage of divergence from 4)
  Time spent with children (Hours)
Worth of acquisitions
  Lovely things bought by or for me  
  New clothes bought and not worn more than once  
  Things bought that cannot be afforded