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The LIX Index site is a web art commission by Lucy Kimbell, one of four projects in a series called Identinet commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella. Artist profiles were broadcast during 15th ‚ 18th April 2002 as part of ëThe Slotí on Channel 4 television. The other artists in this series are Jannane Al-Ani, Nick Crowe and Erika Tan. A profile of Lucy Kimbell/the LIX by Brad Butler was broadcast on Channel 4 on Tuesday 16th April at 7.55pm.

An Arts Council of England / Channel Four collaboration.

Arts Council of England
Channel 4
Film and Video Umbrella

Visual designer: Carlo Tartaglia based on original LIX brand by Damian Jacques
Chief technology officer: Christian Glover-Wilson

The free LIX SMS service was supplied by UCP AG.

Thanks to Carlo Tartaglia, Steven Bode and everyone at Film and Video Umbrella, UCP, Brad Butler, Gary Thomas at the Arts Council of England, Emma Posey and Neal White.

Short history of the LIX
The LIX Index was originally commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella for its Slipstream project and explored in this document

Some of the ideas were developed further in a research project called Personal Indices funded by the Arts Council of Englandís New Media Projects Fund (2001); in a research commission called the LIX-E/MiCCI at The Media Centre, Huddersfield, for the Digital Research Unit (2001-2); and through a research project entitled ëArt Economiesí awarded to artist group Soda funded by London Arts (1998).