I imagine it’s always been like this
My Life as a Dashboard presents two competing views of the life of a fictional character - realised through a monologue in five parts (interpreted by actor Ruth Posner) and five accompanying wall drawings showing dashboards of dials for different points in her life. The obsessive, nerdy intensity of the latter contrast with the reflective, story-telling quality of the former. This opposition between these modes of knowledge suggests the banality, and opportunities for mistakes, when human experience is reduced to measurement.
My Life as a Dashboard
Gallery piece
Download the script dashboard_script_p.pdf
This piece was first shown in the group exhibition What Business Are You In? curated by Helena Reckitt at the Contemporary, Atlanta, Georgia, 2005.
Project development supported by AHRC creative and performing arts fellowship at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford. Thanks to Ruth Posner, actor.
Visitors listening to the audio piece, The Contemporary, Atlanta, 2005